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tv   World News Now  ABC  December 8, 2017 2:37am-3:00am EST

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>> it's a really, really tight-knit community. so chances are, hover twho ever victims are, we know the victims. >> it's in times like this that you feel violated because of the schools are set up. those are places where we accept our kids to be safe. >> reporter: the fbi will assist in the investigation, helping local authorities find out exactly what happened. maggie rule eye, ali, abc news, york. the man brought in to replace comey is defending the reputation of his agency. christopher wray faced a barrage of questions over the hillary clinton e-mail investigation and from democrats urging him to stapd stand up against a president bent on tarnish being the reputation of the fbi. he told the lawmakers there's no finer institution. >> the fbi that i see is tens and thousands o
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analysts and staff working their tails off to keep americans safe from the next terrorist attack. >> wray was also questioned about the fbi agent dismissed from the russia investigation for allegedly sending anti-trump messages and refused to give an opinion on whether the president could be accused of okbstructio. the government has dropped the proposed rule from the obama administration. it was designed to keep airlines from hiding fees until customers are several steps into the purchasing process. the department of transportation said the rule would have had limb limited public benefit. people from chicago and new york have known this for decades, but making pizza is now officially an art. >> world heritage status has been given to the act of making neapolitan pizza, it's a form of expression important to humanity. to celebrate, pizza makers in naples are giving aquway free pies. who's going to
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>> let's go to naples! >> where's our pie now. >> is that that song about when the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie? and a candy-loving row depths h -- row depths. >> there's the culprit, a pretty chubby squirrel after eating all that, chocolate, snack bars and other items. >> the squirrel also grabbed throat lozenges and decided to put all the goodies in a jar that requires thumbs. no more -- what if the squirrel has a sore throat? he is pretty chubby. >> has he his flu shot? >> i don't think that's the first basket he's raided. >> that's nuts. the latest movie getting buzz
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we're back with a look at israel where fear is growing that violence in reaction to the president's declaration will intensify today after thousands of palestinians attend prayers at jerusalem's most sacred site. >> they were on the streets by the dozens of locations across the west bank yesterday. they clashed with israeli forces who fired water cannons and tear gaes. >> reporter: we've been watching this back and forth between young men and security forces all day. caught in a tear gas used to disburse t disperse the crowds. the fear this time, people really thought that the peace process was dead, that these grow. >> abc's james longman for us, and the palestinians are calling their reaction to president trump's jer
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three days of rage. >> let's go right to molly hunter in jerusalem. getting yesterday's protests, what does this mean for today? >> reporter: good morning. yesterday was day two of these apparently three days of ram. we were out there. pretty big protests. several thousand palestinian protesters clashing with the israeli military. but this is pretty widespread. each protest wasn't massive, they took place all across gaza. the flash point we're watching for is the hours after friday prayers which happens very shortly. >> and it's been called three days of rage. how is this expected to culminate? >> reporter: i mean, today could be the turning point. we may find out today whether it fizzled out or whether it ramps up. the p.a. is under serious pressure to cut ties with the u.s. and walk away from any relationship with the
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any relationship with the u.s.-brokered peace talks and we my find o may find out in the coming days. >> we are receiving reports that pl plifrn officials are refusing to meet with vice president pence when he arrives late irin the month. >> reporter: one said they will not under any circumstances meet with vice president pence. another says that needs to be discussed, but they both might be getting ahead of president abbas. nothing from his office yet. no confirmation, no comment. president abbas has, however, gone to the u.n. asking for support to reverse president trump's decision. and there will be a u.n. security council meeting later today. diane, kenneth? >> the declaration is done, but this isn't going to happen for quite some time, at least the moving of the embassy. so what are the hopes that there can be a middle ground of some sort. is there one? >> reporter: i think that's anyone's guess. the embassy is going
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expensive building one of those embassies. the embassy right now in tell achieve is achieve -- aveef is a fortress. anyone's guess, guys. >> as you've pointed out from israeli officials and the prime minister obviously positive and good thoughts that they've been talking about about president trump's announcement. as far as president trump and how he's been received in this news, what are we hearing about people saying about president trump specifically? >> reporter: look, i covered the region for several years, guise. the anti-american sentiment at least here in the west bank in east jerusalem has been higher than it has been in the last couple years. the state department actually reached out to israel and said guys, please temper your reaction to this announcement.
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they have beefed up security at embassies across the region. very worried that the anti-american sentiment could heat up at those prayers. it's something they're watching closely here and trying to head off in any way they can. >> molly hunter live from jerusalem. thank you. >> thank you. coming up, a special ceremony at the white house. you're watching "world news now." breathe freely fast with vicks sinex. my congestion's gone. i can breathe again! i can breathe again! vicks sinex... breathe on.
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yesterday, december 7th, 1941, a date which will live in infamy, the united states of america was suddenly and deliberately
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and air forces of the empire of japan. no matter how long it may take us to overcome this premeditated invasion, the american people in their righteous might will win through absolute victory. [cheers and applause] >> those still stirring words from president franklin roosevelt appearing before a joint session of congress to declare war on japan 76 years ago today. >> the united states officially entered world war ii, the day after the bombing of pearl harbor. >> that's right diane, and also yesterday, the white house, while president trump welcomed a group of veterans who survived the attack where more than 2,000 americans were killed. >> after the president told each of their brave stories he thanked them on behalf of the country. >> as i signed the proclamation making this national pearl harbor remembrance day, i ask that god continue to bless
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watch over each of you as very, very special people to our country. >> but before the ceremony got started president trump was upstaged. >> one of the veterans asked if he could sing a song and belted out "let's remember pearl harbor" by the big bandleader sammy kaye. >> thanks to those men for their service. and we're getting a never before seen shot of a ship that fired the first shot. >> the crew spot the a japanese submarine, and a full hour before the japanese would attack pearl harbor by air, the ward sanction the japanese sub. powerful moments. great to see those veterans given the credit they deserve for amazing service. >> 76 years ago, can you believe it? as far as pearl
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get hit by an expensive septic disaster. but for only $7 a month, rid-x helps break down waste. avoid a septic disaster with rid-x. ♪ we're back now in the theater as we find ourselves heading into the awards season. >> one of our films is already generating a lot of oscar buzz. the other, not so much. let's start with "i, tonya", starring margo robbie as a former figure skater, tonya harding, who was banned for life after found to have had an attack on her rival, nancy kerrigan. it's got a lot of dark humor and early '90s flare. >> come on! what kind of
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bashes in their friend's knee? who would do that to a friend? >> what can you tell us about tonya harding? >> i don't know a tonya harding. >> aren't you her bodyguard? >> the film is getting rave reviews. one critic says it sounds depressing, but the movie and its stars tell the story with biting humor and big performances, one warns your heart hurts as much as your knee does. tommy jones won for "the fugitive." now a decade after that, neither will win an oscar for the new movie just getting started, where they play competing alpha males in a retirement community. >> oh, in the air there's the feeling of christmas. i'm leo mckay, and you young ladies might be? >> is
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stories to keep those women apart and in 20 minutes he's got them lined up for a three-way. >> four-way, if anybody's counting. >> no means no, no. >> he's going to find out. >> this is my town. >> are we sure this as much as oscar-worthy? >> how is that not an oscar contender? so definitely not oscar bait, apparently, and the film studio apparently agrees. it hasn't made "just getting started" available for reviewers yet. one critic speculates it sounds a lot like "midnight run" for retirees. and the film's director says it's a love letter to palm springs and it's fun. >> we do see this this movies now where they don't release the movies for the critics where they feel it's more for the people than for the critics. >> we just want to have some fun. >> hopefully you will have a good time. that's the news for this half
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hour. >> remember us, follow us on facebook.
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this morning on world ani"w now." new developments on a school shooting. >> a community coming together overnight, the second school shooting this week. senator al franken is making it official, reluctantly announcing his resignation but not without first taking aim at president trump and roy moore. and another congressman is stepping down days after announcing his run for reelection. and the pope wants to change a key line in "our father." the best-known prayer in christianity.


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